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The drinking lawyer

A lawyer seeks console from his Parish Priest, after his wife leaves him due to excessive drinking.

Priest: "My son, I'll ask your wife to go back home, but you have to promise me that you will stop drinking."

Lawyer: "Yes! Father, I swear!"

A few hours later, the Priest sees the lawyer drinking in a neighborhood bar.

Priest: "My son, you’re lying about your drinking again."

Lawyer: "Father, this is not wine. It is water."

Priest: "I'll be a witness to that, my son."

The Priest leans over and smells the contents of the glass and says, "My son, you’re lying again. This is not water. It is wine.”

Lawyer: “Alleluia, alleluia! Father, the miracle of Cana has come, the water has changed into wine!”


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