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How to get off a speeding ticket

The following true story from a woman in San Diego proves that jokes can never compete with real life when lawyers are involved:

“I received a speeding ticket while I was employed as a legal secretary to a sole practitioner. The attorney I worked for offered to appear in court for me as a favor (he felt guilty for underpaying me over the six years I assisted him). When the judge asked what my plea would be, he said, ‘Your honor, my client pleads guilty to the speeding violation, but I ask that you dismiss the fine because my client cannot afford to pay it; she isn’t making very much money at this time.’

“The judge asked, ‘ What does your client do for a living?’

“‘Your honor,’ my boss replied, ‘she is my secretary.’

“At this point the whole courtroom erupted into laughter--and the judge dismissed the fine.

“I no longer work for this attorney; I’m looking for a higher-paying position!”


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