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Favourite patients

Three surgeons were discussing their favorite type of patients. The first said: “I like artists. When you cut them open, they are awash with color inside.” The second doctor said: “I much prefer engineers. When you cut them open, everything is orderly and numbered.” “Nonsense,” said the third doctor. “The easiest are attorneys. They have only two parts, their ass and their mouth—and those are interchangeable.”At a meeting of the bar association a famous attorney was boasting about his new glass eye. He claimed that it was so realistic that no one could tell which was the false one. All of the lawyers present nodded in astonished belief while the layman present blurted out, “It’s obvious that the left one is phony!” The attorney, shocked that his secret was so easily discovered, asked the layman how he knew. He replied, “Why, it’s easy, the fake one is the one with a gleam of humanity.”


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