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Difference between a lawyer & herd of buffalo

Q: What's the difference between a lawyer and a herd of buffalo?

1) The lawyer charges more.

2) A herd of buffalo is forced to eat a load of grass to make a pile of bullshit.

A lawyer forces you to eat a load of bullshit to MAKE a pile of grass ...

3) None, actually. Both generate thunderous piles of excrement, LOUDLY, while charging non-stop.

4) One tramples you underfoot while charging non-stop. The other we wiped out in the 1800s.

5) One will skin you alive to death.

The other we skinned alive to death.

6) If you meet a herd of buffalo in mid charge you can survive it.

7) One we shot from trains.

The other we should have. And cars and planes ...

8) One we nearly made extinct.

The other nearly made us extinct.

9) We tanned the hides of the four footed type.

The other keeps tanning ours.

10) One is half bull, half cow.

The is full of bull, and cows everything else.

And in both cases the bulls screw the cows as much as possible. After milking as long as possible.


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