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"You never get anything right," complained the teacher.
"What kind of job do you think you'll get when you leave school?"
"Well, I want to be the weather girl on TV."

A teacher was being interviewed for a new job and asked the principal what the hours were.
"We try to have early hours you know. I hope that suits."
"Of course," said the teacher.
"I don't mind how early I leave."

Old witch: Now I know you want a job with me. Do you tell lies?
Young witch: No, but I can pick it up.

Did you hear about the man who left his job at the mortuary?
It was a dead end job.

You should get a job in the meteorology office.
Why? Because you're an expert on wind.

Who has the most dangerous job in Transylvania?
Dracula's dentist.

Good morning, sir. I'm applying for the job as handyman. I see. Well, are you handy?
Couldn't be more so. I only live next door.

An Irishman saw a notice outside a police station which read: MAN WANTED FOR ROBBERY.
So he went in and applied for the job!

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