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Clinton's Quickies - A collection of short jokes and one liners
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A meeting with Saddam Hussein How many women Bill ?
A moral question How you can tell that Bill Clinton is lying
Bill Clinton in Hell I have sinned
Bill Clinton's ghostly visitations I killed the pig
Changes now Clinton's got a dog I'll have a quickie
Chelsea in love Intern Application Form
Clinton & Jerry Falwell Johnnie Cochrane closing arguments
Clinton at Elementary school Latest scandal news
Clinton Bumper Stickers Lines missing from Clinton's speeches
Clinton's ice cream flavours Making the world happy
Clinton limericks Monica Lewinsky anagrams
Clinton Lovin' Monica's book titles
Clinton of Oz Monica's CV
Clinton radio Monica's Diary
Clinton regrets Monica's plastic surgery
Clinton testimony by Dr Seuss Not according to dad
Clinton video & Titanic Video Quotes about President Clinton
Clinton's at a gas station Rabbi, Hindu & President Clinton
Clinton's clock Sack my cook
Clinton's fan mail Saddam Hussein's dream
Clinton's Hollywood Starr forces Clinton over the edge
Clinton's parrot The 11th commandment
Clinton's speech translated The Clinton's at a restaurant
Clinton's tackle Trying to quit
Clinton's unlucky friends Twas' the night before crisis
Comparing Clinton & Nixon What Clinton really wanted to say
Empty beer cans What you get for $5
First Pitch When Bill Clinton dies
Hillary at the fortune tellers Who's Bill Clinton
Hillary gets pregnant Who's handwriting is that
How Hillary knows Bill is lying Your in my seat
How Hillary pleases Bill  
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